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Here is some news in Bath with Bath Business Web Your local Online Directory for the South West

For all you good people of Bath. Whether you are a resident, a visitor or just here temporarily. Welcome to the world of Bath Business Web Ltd. Your Online Directory and award winning Website Design Studio, based in the heart of Bath
Happy Easter from Bath Business Web Online Directories
Happy Easter from the staff at Business Web Online Directories to all of you living, working or visiting the very beautiful City of Bath

And with the Easter Bank Holiday fast approaching and the sun showing an appearance, life at Bath Business Web Online Directories is on the up. Yes that’s right the sun is shining and set to shine for a few more days yet. In fact the Easter Bank Holiday weekend is set to be a very warm one indeed. Well that is at the moment lol. You know our little island. It does not do things the way the Meteorological Office says it will. If they are saying that during the course of this week we will see temperatures rising from 15C to 21C by Sunday, then you know as well as me Britain will prove them wrong. Or will it?
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Keeping up with the Met Office - keeping up with the weather:

Check out what will be happening in Bath this weekend and see if you will be donning the sun glasses and getting out the shorts.

Remember last spring? It wasn’t great. And what a gift the sun will be after all that rain and flooding over the long wet winter. It will certainly help dry things out and help us all put those days behind us. I for one love the warm and the hot weather. There is nowhere better than Bath in the sun. Whether it’s a walk through Victoria Park or by the river. Pounding the shopping streets in me sandals, shorts and t-shirt. Sitting in he garden with a beer in my hand and a burger on the barbeque.

More news from sunny and beautiful City of Bath:

Talking about shopping. Did you know we are expecting a couple more big names to the shopping experience we know and love in the City of Bath? Well the good people of Bath Business Web keep their ears and eyes open to the coming and goings of this fine town.

We have Primark coming, with its value for money range of clothing and accessories, moving into the spot where BHS once traded until recently. It does seem a shame that the iconic store that was BHS has disappeared from our high street.

Coming to Bath
A sign of the times. The effects of the recession are still with us. We have had the re-emergence of Poundland and now a budget fashion store.

So it comes as a big blow to me and the rest of the Bingham household that BHS have gone from Bath. But it is not just Bath that has lost out. I have been informed that Harrogate, Kings Lynn, Guildford, Folkstone, Winchester and Cardiff have all lost their BHS. It appears that its all the plan of retail tycoon Sir Philip Green. He has been selling off a number of leases to the ever growing budget fashion retailer, Primark. Hence why Primark is moving into their spot.

And the likes of BHS closing stores partly to support their growth on the online market. I guess it shouldn’t really be a surprise that these things are happening. At least in Bath we have a flourishing retail sector and businesses are wanting to be here. It’s great for our economy and great for the future of the City.

Coming to Bath
So moving on with another retailer ready to join the flock. Anthropologie is an upmarket (that means expensive to some), American homeware and fashion retailer of which there are four other stores in the UK at present.

They will be moving into another of our long lost retail giants and much grieved by the Bingham’s and that was the home of Habitat.

I have to say that this is a very good sign that Bath is well promoted in the retail sector. Bath is fast growing a reputation for its high-end fashion outlets. Competing against even the best that London can offer. This will be Anthropologies’ first store outside of the capital and that says a great deal for what Bath has to offer. Anthropologie, which started in Pennsylvania over twenty years ago and has nearly two hundred stores across the USA and Europe, has said that it will ensure everything is done to keep the feel and tradition of the building, as they refurbish the site. A spokesperson for the Anthropologie group said that Bath stands for values such as authenticity, creativity beauty and flair, as we do.

In other news from your local Online Directory, Bath Business Web:

Here’s a short tail for you. Firefighters had to be called out to rescues Harvey the Jack Russell Terrier. The little rascal had got himself trapped down a hole while out on his walkies. A crew from Bath Fire Station responded to the call for help from a very anxious owner. At first they could hear Harvey, but all attempts to get to the hole rummaging doggy failed. It took nearly two and a half hours before the firefighting crew managed to dig within reach of Harvey. He was a lucky little Russell and was not harmed after his big adventure ‘down hole’. Bless!

Police in Bath
The boys in blue have also been making an appearance in Bath.

The Bobbies from Avon and Somerset were on the lookout for rogue traders travelling in and around the City. The Police and Trading Standards Officers were checking van drivers to ensure they were legitimate and their vehicles were legal.

A gang of workers laying tarmac have been questioned and now being investigated by Trading Standards. Scrap metal dealers were visited to check their waste carrier licenses were I order.

The Officers have also visited the elderly offering advice on ‘doorstep crime prevention’.

A high visibility presence was in residential areas where 'no cold calling’ was permitted sending out a warning to all uninvited doorstep visitors. They received thirty eight referrals for help with home security.

Banks, Post Offices, Building Societies were targeted and given reminders to be mindful when customers known to be vulnerable request to withdraw unusually large amounts in cash. Particularly when they are accompanied by an unfamiliar person.

The Police in Bath are asking Bath Business Web to spread the word to everyone living in Bath, especially the vulnerable such as the elderly. There have been a small number of incidents involving a phone scam. This is where bogus bank workers phone the victim aiming to persuade them to reveal bank card details before sending bogus couriers to collect the cards.

There have also been incidents where the scammer is pretending to be from the Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad. Again asking for the same kind of details regarding a bank card and suggesting that there has been illegal activity on the card, so it needs to be handed in. so be aware good people of Bath of these scammers, otherwise known as thieves.

On a lighter brighter note Bath Business Web Online Directory reports:

Sunflowers brightening up Bath
People in Bath have been encouraged to plant sunflowers to help launch Britain in Bloom competition 2014.

Can you believe that Bath is celebrating fifty years of Britain in Bloom. The Bath Artisan Market in Green Park was the venue for people to attend and plant a sunflower seed, to then take home.

The Royal Horticultural Society hope that half a million sunflower seeds will be planted across the UK.

So all you good flowerpot men and flowerpot women of Bath let’s make this City shine with the glowing bright yellow petals of this magnificent long stalked flower.

Bath Business Web Online directory is proud to announce that our very own Aqua Sulis (or to you non roman speaking natives, the Roman Baths), is one of only seven attractions in England to win an award for best UK tourist attraction.

Aqua Sulis - The Roman Baths
Not just that, but this is the third time in a row that the Roman Baths has been presented with this honour.

The judges and tour operator CIE Tours International were no doubt impressed along with the eleven thousand visitors which enjoyed the spectacle in 2013.

Visitors travelling with CIE Tours voted this world famous site for the third year running against a large backdrop of competition from all over the land. There are only a handful of attractions in the UK which receive such a rare and prodigious Award of Excellence such as this.

We can all be proud of Bath for not just having this unique part of our heritage in the heart of the City. But one which is famous throughout the world and helps put the City at the forefront of the tourist industry’s best places to visit – ever! And I’m not biased in any way lol.

The Rec - Home to Bath Rugby

So what of that other great iconic, historic and world renowned assemblage of high class, well executed play and formidable presence we know and love as Bath Rugby?

Well it seems that the request by bath Rugby for extra land to redevelop the Rec has been refused. There is likely to be an appeal on that decision. There is much speculation as fears grow that Bath Rugby could eventually leave the City. This is very likely to happen if the club is unable to redevelop the ground at The Rec.

The club wants to increase capacity to accommodate more fans of the game. However, recently it has been told that no more of the Recreation Ground can be taken for the stadium. Bath Rugby is literally in the heart of this fine city and it would be a crying shame if they are forced to move away.

And finally from Bath Business Web:

And to close a story from the highways and byways of Bath. Yes indeed I am talking the closer of a major link between Bath and parts of Bristol. The Kelston Road, or at least a part of it. This is a road the Binghammobile has travelled many times. It is a much preferred route by Mrs Bingham, who enjoys the scenic slower paced driving this road offers compared to the ring road of Bristol. The Kelston Road is another victim of a very prolonged wet winter.

Road Closure in Bath
The ground, I have been told, was made unstable with a large amount of landslip causing damage and safety issues in the area.

Large amounts of water has been detected moving deep underground and destabilising the road.

There has been a great deal of land movement causing no end of problems for the local Engineers to resolve. It has been estimated that the ground has been slipping as much as seven metres below the road surface. The closing of the road was not done lightly.

A spokesperson from BANES told me that the decision to close this well used and well-travelled road, thereby affecting many from the local area and beyond, was done as safety is paramount and until he road maintenance team have made it safe, the road will remain closed, whether that’s for vehicles or pedestrians alike. It may take a number of months before the road will be anywhere near ready to open.
Spring at Bath Business Web Online Directories

So spring has finally sprung in the beautiful City of Bath leaving behind the gloom that was winter.

Blossom is on the trees, birds are starting to build nests for their fledglings, lawns are being mowed and flowers are opening up.  

Whatever you are doing this Easter, remember to get out and about to see and appreciate everything that is Bath. At Bingham Mansion Mrs B and the kids are getting ready for the Easter egg hunt I have planned over the weekend.
So get out there and enjoy the City of Bath. Let me and my colleagues know at Bath Business Web Online Directories what you have in mind for your Easter.

Have a good one!

All the best,

Blogger for Bath Business Web Ltd
Your local Internet Marketing Specialist, Business Directory and Website Design Company

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Why does my Business in Bath need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Do you know what to do to help your business website in Bath reach the first page of Google or any other search engine? Does your website for your business in Bath have a strong presence on the internet? If not, read on….

You being good, honest, reliable and sensible business people of Bath want to know that you are doing your best to ensure the business in Bath that you own or manage works efficiently and productively. This of course, includes the marketing and advertising of your business on the internet.
Front page results
Once you have a website built you will want it fit for purpose and fully functioning to meet your business and ecommerce needs.

This includes how to show it off to the world and make it very visible and accessible to any potential new client’s or customers.

To me it’s a bit like how best to place an advert in a newspaper or where to distribute those leaflets for maximum effect.

As a business person you know better than most the need to maximise your advertising and marketing potential, while taking into account the time input or financial costs of doing so.

In the online world this is where SEO or Search Engine Optimisation comes in.

It is just one element of helping your business get the most out of the internet and the most out of your website. That’s where a team of professionals known as SEO Bath come in to their own.
Click on here to find out more about SEO Bath
SEO Bath are part of the business website designers and online business directories known as Bath Business Web Ltd. They know all there is to know about the internal workings of the internet and good sound SEO.

Bath SEO support hundreds of local business entrepreneurs to maximise their websites true potential. They not only operate in Bath, but have business connections that stretch across Somerset, Wiltshire and Bristol to help their clients achieve front page results in Google, Yahoo and all the most used search engines throughout the UK and the world.

The good people at SEO Bath, aka Bath Business Web Ltd, know full well that successful search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the many vital components which help your business website outperform your competitors.
Bath Business Web SEO, Web Design & Directories

They have encountered too many business owners over the years who have not considered the SEO needs of their website.

They have experienced first hand the results of business people who have struggled to get any sort of return on the investment they made in the build and construction of a well-designed website.

No use having an all singing all dancing website if it can’t find the dance floor to perform its best.

So good business men and women of Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire and Somerset, don’t in any way assume it is good enough to build a website and think that people will be able to find it. Let’s face it your website has to do battle amongst the hundreds of other websites on the internet which are selling or offering products or services just like yours. 

Not to mention all the websites, directories or social media links which appear in-between those websites on the search engines. It’s a minefield out there and one where you need to have the right gear and the up to date technology to get through it to reach the top and be safe in the knowledge that your business is up there with the best of them.
Contact SEO Bath by clicking here
Every day in Bath many people use the internet as a means to find the services, products or professionals in their local area. A search engine such as Google is often the first place the go to. They can do this at home on their PC, on the move with their laptop or tablet. But more and more they are just using that very common device, the mobile phone to search the internet and download the websites the wish to view.

The websites they view may or may not include yours. I mean to say, do you know how many people are visiting your website every month? Do you know how many are going beyond the first page? Do you know how many people who contact  you have done so because they found your website?
Ensure search engines find your business website

Some of this information you can get
through the use of Google analytics and a good business person will analyse the performance of their website.

It’s also good to get feedback from new callers. Remember some may have seen your website, but how did they know about it?

It’s no good just asking did you get our details by visiting our website. Because it doesn’t tell you if a friend gave them the details, if they saw a leaflet or flyer or an advert in Yellow Pages.

So there is a need to ask very precise questions on how they came across your website if you are going to gain insight to the effectiveness of the sites ability to perform.
Google Analytics for your Bath business website
So if people are going onto a search engine, in what ways does SEO help you once they get there?

Well search engine optimisation has a number of key elements. Far too many and sometimes a tad complicated to explain in a simple blog.

As well as an ever changing way which Google change the ‘rules of engagement’ on the internet and the changes they want it to achieve for the future of their own business.

Remember Google is a business like any other and can make even more money from the likes of you and me if it too is to keep up to date with the demands of the people who browse the internet. After all Google is a business worth millions and will continually progress and change to fill that financial pot and help it stay at the top of its game.
Getting the keywords right helps with search engine optimisation
So the easiest and most common element to understand with search engine optimisation (SEO), is that of ‘keywords’.

Keywords are the words people use when searching on the internet.

Keywords are also the words that best describe your business, products or services which are most likely to be used by the general public.

So if I am Joe Bloggs and I want someone to come and service my central heating boiler the keywords I use are likely to be ‘plumber Bath’ (as I know plumbers do that sort of thing and I live I Bath).

Am I likely to type ‘central heating technicians Bath’, well not really as a majority of the public may not use that terminology. They may use ‘central heating engineers bath’, that is more common. See what I mean?

So it doesn’t matter what you call yourselves, its what the public are currently calling your type of business or profession that counts. People are also a bit lazy, as well as time demanding and will want to use as little words as possible. Generally people will think of the one word that describes to a T what they are looking for as well as the town or area they live.
SEO by Bath Business Web Ltd

If people type in ‘plumber’ on its own they will get everything there is to do with the word plumber in the whole of the world on the internet. That will include papers or articles written with the word plumber in them.

This will include businesses throughout the globe with the word plumber, some of which may or may not actually be plumbers of course.

There will be all manner of websites and any from Bath will be totally lost in the sea of websites and links in the search engine.

That’s why if they type Bath as well as the word plumber it narrows the each down immensely. As you can imagine lol.

When your business has its website built make sure there is text in the website which reflects and reproduces the words which the public use when searching on Google. If not, get in touch with the SEO professionals like SEO Bath who will put it right.

If you are a plumber in Bath and you don’t have these words strategically written throughout your website, then it is more than likely our site will not be found by Google. That is to say Google will only relate the words used by the people typing in their keywords and who are looking for sites with those words in the text and content of a website, regardless of whether or not it is a plumber or not. Google will prioritise websites which follow these simples ‘rules of engagement’ and your website will be there somewhere. It’s just where? And if it is 3, 4 or 10 pages from the top, well what can I say? Who do you know ever goes looking on those?

Keywords as I say are just one element of search engine optimisation. And just because you have the right keywords in your website now doesn’t means that the will be the keywords you need to consider for the future. Google is constantly changing, the internet is constantly progressing. So you and your website needs to keep up and change with it.
SEO Bath leading the way on the Internet

That’s why a number of companies use professional SEO experts to do it for them and keep their websites up to date and maximise visibility on the internet search engines. After all I said keywords is just one element. Other things which help the SEO process are well written and keyword effective blogs, social media input, use of effective back end coding and front end content, correct use of alt tags and meta descriptions.

Some of these things I realise, will not mean anything to you, but website designers and engineers will klnow exactly what they are and the necessity to use them effectively and in accordance with search engine requirements.

Bath Business Web's SEO specialists are experts in search engine optimisation and have successfully built and optimised hundreds of websites for clients in Bath. We achieve countless front page results for Bath businesses in search engines such as Google and Yahoo thanks to our expert knowledge of SEO.

There are lots of SEO techniques that can benefit the search engine optimisation of a website, and it is certainly not as simple as adding a few keywords to your metadata. SEO Bath know what it takes to get your website onto the front pages of major search engines like Google. In fact Bath Business Web's SEO experts in Bath have gained such great results for so many clients in and around Bath by using our SEO methods, that our websites dominate the listings for many popular search terms in Bath.

How can a business in Bath improve on what it has already?

One way to do this is let the good people at SEO Bath can help you set up Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tool to allow you to follow the flow of people traffic coming to your website.
Front page results from SEO Bath
This includes detailed analysis and information on number of visitors, whether they got to you through a mobile phone or otherwise as well as much more regarding the activity on the site.
Having this tool from Google will give you the edge over the competition.
Your business websites ability to rank highly on any of the search engines will of course have a dramatic effect on the traffic to your website.

This traffic of human visitors and potential customers of the future, can then be turned into custom or trade. It’s worth noting that over 70% of web users say that after the third page of a search engine they abandon the search. That means that if your website doesn't appear on the first three pages of that search engine, people won't find your site.
Remember, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is equally as important to the end results of your website as the design itself. You will want your business website in Bath to look good, function well and be very visible on the internet.
SEO Bath
How the website looks is irrelevant if it is never going to be found or seen by any potential customers. The only way to make sure people will find your Bath business website is to ensure it is optimised using the latest SEO methods.
When Google, Yahoo and other search engines look at your business website, they don’t view it in the same way as you or I do. Instead they send out crawlers to view the source code of the site.

The source code, or html, is a website code language used to dictate how elements such as text or images should be laid out on the various webpages of your Bath business website.

There are certain factors in the source code which will give the crawlers extra information about the content of your business website.

If Google finds lots of relevant references (such as the keywords used) to a particular topic throughout the source code of the site, then it will rank that page highly for that particular subject.

So don't go leaving it to chance with your own business in Bah website.Do what you can to make the most of the expertise and tools available, to ensure your website has great visibility on the internet.
Expertise in Search Engine Optimisation of your Bath Business Website
I am looking forward to seeing your Bath business website on the internet very soon. Why not contact me and let me know how you are getting on reaching that top spot on the first page of Google. See what you can do to knock out the competition and take the lead for you, your business and your future.

All the best,
Blogger for Bath Business Web Ltd
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Bath Business Web has high performing Directories for Tradespeople, Company's, Sole Traders, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Business People of Bath, Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire - Bringing the South West of England together and suppoting local Business to thrive

Many a business in the South West are starting to slowly but surely come through the worst of the recession. Therefore, it's time to build and improve on business marketing and advertising online.

There are many towns throughout the region which have suffered because of the challenging economic climate. In such places such as Bath and Bristol there has always been a very vibrant retail sector. However, it has not been easy. Some of the bigger names have disappeared altogether. Many of the smallest shops have battled on and have kept going throughout. The South West is home for many other businesses too. Many of which are unique to this area.

So how does one find these businesses? After all the retail sector has a high street presence, which other business don't have. What if I am looking for something a bit more out the ordinary? Or a business that would not have a shop front to advertise itself, such as a stone mason, a Georgian sash window repairer, a hypnotherapist or a lighting specialist? Well, the answer is easy. Because in the South West covering Bath, Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire there is the rising star of the Online Business Directory type.

A directory which you can access online via your mobile phone, tablet or PC. A directory which will be found at the top spot of all the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Firefox, Google Chrome etc. At Bath Business Web Ltd they know all there is to know about website directories and how you and your business can get the most from the internet. They recognised many years ago the trend in the steady growth of website business advertising and marketing.
Bath & Bristol Business Web Ltd

An online directory which will point you in the right direction for all manner of businesses in the South West of England.

There are traders, retailers, market traders, professionals in the building trade including plasterers, electricians, plumbers, roofers, scaffolder’s, architects and surveyor’s.

Finding sports trainers, martial arts experts, hypnotherapists, accountants, hairdressers, beauty therapists just couldn’t be any easier.
Bristol Business Web Ltd - Online Directory

You can find these trades, businesses and professional services in Bath and Bristol Business Web of course. Not only that but there are Business Web Directories specifically targeted toward the trades and services in Trowbridge, Chippenham, Calne, Warminster, Frome and surrounding towns and villages in each local area.
You must have gathered by now that the online directories in Bath and the South West have taken over from the more traditional ways to market or advertise a local business.

The online directory is favourable because it is specific to online users and the websites they seek out. Have you discovered  how an online directory can help your business with its online presence? If not, don't you think it's time to catch up with the competition. Give Bath Business Web Ltd a call for some free help and guidance on how to get the best for your business.
Bath Business Web Ltd - Website Build & SEO

Even now so many local trades or business owners do not have a website, or a website that does justice to their marketing needs. And until they do, they will not appreciate the benefits it can bring to the profits for the business they own.

Listing your business on an online directory will help the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website.
That is a search engines ability (search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Firefox etc.), to match your website to the keywords a potential new customer would be typing when they search the internet.
Testimonials at Bath Business Web Ltd
When a potential customer goes on a search they are gong to see our seven local  directories at the top of many pages on all the various search engines.

These local directories such as not only reinforce the keywords being used, they also help create 'links' or ‘backlinks’ to the website on the director.

Basically it is how you link to another site or how another site links back to your site. A business directory will link to these because the nature of directories is such that it has many websites already, which in turn gives strength and presence to the directory you are using. This in turn improves and strengthens the ability of a local business advertising on the directory to advertise and market their website online.

For local business in Bath, Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire they recognise the need to be in as many places online as they can financially afford. These for the most part cost very little compared to any paper advertising or marketing.

Even the construction, maintenance and hosting costs of a website are incredibly good value for money when you spread that cost over a small amount of time. Your premier online directory such as or are very reasonable considering the benefits your website receives from the many hundreds of backlinks that these directories and all their associated directories offer.

It is vital to know that the prime search engine Google, recognises the difference between good and bad links. What you don’t want to do is place your website details on a poor quality directory with poor or bad backlinks which would be detrimental to your websites SEO. Google has systems in place to search out the strong or any poor links. It will then respond accordingly and if they are poor, that website will sink so low in the search engine rankings, so mush so, that it may as well not have been built in the first place.
Bath & Bristol Business Web - Online Directories for the South West

Strong links are vital to a business website. Links are a necessary part of the online marketing strategy to get a website highly visible on search engine rankings. So a good business owner will get good, sound professional advice and support from the likes of Bath Business Web Ltd.

Very recently a local paper directory was delivered to Bingham Mansion. I think it lasted three days before it then went off with the rest of the recycling paper. I have kept them in the past, but in our house they sit on a shelf getting in the way and getting dusty. I cannot remember the last time I ever used one to get information on a local trade or business.

I total appreciate that there must be people who do use paper directories to search for a local business. Otherwise companies such as Thompson or Yellow Pages wouldn’t have them printed.

Online directories, unlike a paper directories will not sit on a shelf and get dusty. They are accessible and updated 24hrs a day and 365 days a year. They can be found in your pocket or bag.  Because it’s all in a mobile phone or tablet these days and who hasn’t got one of those?
Bath Business Web Ltd - No. 7 Pierrepont Street Bath

In the 21st Century we have online directories which help you go straight to what you need and when you need it.  These directories display information fast and efficiently.  With a couple of words and very little effort on your part, they take you straight to the business you need. So why not give your local online  business directory a go and see how it works for your business.

Bye for now,
Blogger for Bath Business Web Ltd
Your local Internet Marketing Specialist, Business Directory and Website Design Company

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Monday, 3 March 2014

Going to Bristol Airport – Then try Absolutely Secure Airport Parking - ASAP

If you’re going to Bristol Airport, then why not make life easy for yourself and take your trip away knowing your car will be safe and secure with Absolutely Secure Airport Parking of Bristol.

Taking a long haul or short haul flight from any airport can be a testing time for the best organised people on the planet. So when we travel we all want to make it as smooth and relaxed as we possibly can. At Bristol Airport ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking make that happen.
Click here for Bristol Airport Parking

Recently Mrs Bingham and I went for a long weekend away, just the two of us. Mrs B is a tad protective over the Bingham-mobile and so we decided to look into parking at Bristol Airport. That’s when we came across ASAP (Absolutely Secure Airport Parking) Meet and Greet Airport Parking Bristol. What a result.

This just seemed the perfect solution. So we got in touch with Absolutely Secure Airport Parking Bristol, who were very helpful and obliging. The deed was done and we knew that going away would be even easier knowing that the car was safe and secure with ASAP of Bristol Airport. I have to say as well that the cost for the few days we left the car with them was also very reasonable. So all in all it was they call a win win situation having signed up with Absolutely Secure Airport Parking at Bristol Airport. What a happy chappy I was.

Airport parking, Bristol, ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking, Meet and Greet, Bristol City Airport, Car Parking
Bristol Airport

So the day came and we sent the little Bingham’s to their Aunties. Mrs B was at the wheel and I of course navigated our way to Bristol Airport, as it was only right Mrs B should get the best possible advice for the journey ahead.

Arriving at Bristol Airport we went straight to the Express drop off zone. We got there with a few minutes to spare.

As we pulled up, there in front of us was a very smiley representative from ASAP Secure Parking of Bristol. And was I pleased to see them. We could then leave our family friendly car in the safe hands of Absolutely Secure Airport Parking of Bristol Airport, while we went to find our plane. Then on the way home we went straight back to that same drop off place at Bristol Airport to retrieve our beloved wagon from the very nice people at Absolutely Secure Airport Parking of Bristol. What a great way to take out the stresses and strains of travelling.

Airport parking, Bristol, ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking, Meet and Greet, Bristol City Airport, Car Parking
Meet and Greet with ASAP Airport Parking Bristol
So me being me I had to get typing on the laptop and tell more people about the safe, secure and easy option for parking your car at Bristol City Airport.

The Meet and Greet service from ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking of Bristol will save you time and will also save you money compared to other ways to park.

You also have the luxury of knowing that your vehicle is in a secure location, which is monitored 24hrs a day by a highly professional team of people.

The drivers at ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking at Bristol Airport are fully insured to take and drive your vehicle to and from Bristol Airport. Their car park is managed all day every day throughout the year. As well as the CCTV the people at ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking have erected top notch security gates and secure fencing for that extra peace of mind.

Airport parking, Bristol, ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking, Meet and Greet, Bristol City Airport, Car Parking
Peace of mind with ASAP Airport Parking Bristol
It doesn't matter that your car is worth a couple of thousand pounds of several thousand pounds. 

Because you'll know you can feel safe that the good people of ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking of Bristol are minding your car.

We all know that parking in airports can be expensive and time consuming.

Like me you have probably at some point paid through the nose at an airport and wondered about the expense. You may have parked on route and then caught a bus or train and had the hassle of dragging luggage on and off public transport and thought there must be another way.

Airport parking, Bristol, ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking, Meet and Greet, Bristol City Airport, Car Parking
Flying from Bristol Airport - Parking with ASAP
Well there is. And that my friend is driving your car straight to the airport and leaving it with the baby sitter. Because I tell you what, if ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking of Bristol were baby sitters, it would make lives for many of us, a lot freer lol.

Seriously though, the Meet and Greet service with ASAP will definitely save you time, hassle as well as money.

And there’s none of that walking to and fro from one place to another. What could be more convenient than that?

How about checking out some of the comments of the many satisfied customers of ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking of Bristol. See for yourself what they say about their experience of the service they received when they arrived at Bristol Airport to park their car.

Airport parking, Bristol, ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking, Meet and Greet, Bristol City Airport, Car Parking
Supporting a relaxed trip - ASAP Bristol
Did you know that Bristol City Airport is the largest airport in the South West of England?

Bristol Airport (postcode BS48 3DY for you sat nav types), is conveniently located eight miles south of the centre from the City of Bristol.

It is easily accessible from anywhere in the South West and is in close driving distance to and rom the M5 and M4.

Bristol Airport connects to over 100 destinations throughout the world. Flying to countries such as Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. All over Europe such as France, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Croatia, Italy, Netherlands and one of my favourites, Prague. As well as local flights throughout the UK and Ireland, including the Channel Islands. You may well be surprised at the destinations they do serve.  The airlines which fly from Bristol Airport are the likes of easyJet, Air Lingus, Ryanair, Thompson, KLM, Air France and a few more besides of well-known and reliable names.

So it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3
Tell the nice people at ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking of Bristol your flight details and they will track your flight departure and arrival details.
Drive the car of your choice to their drop off zone and there you will meet a friendly, smiley ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking of Bristol representative who will take your car to the highly secure cark park.
You then are able to concentrate on getting yourself checked in at Bristol Airport, to then relax, take flight and enjoy your trip away. Doing so knowing that when you arrive back ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking of Bristol will have once again tracked your flight and have your car waiting for you.

How simple can it be? They even help unload your bags from the car. What more can I say?

So why would you choose ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking of Bristol over conventional Airport parking?

Well, there is the convenience which comes with a service that saves you the searching time for a parking space. It saves you time from the walking distance of parking at the airport, which can be 15 minutes or more away from the main entrance. Plus the fact that the shuttle service only operates every 20 minutes at peak times.

Airport parking, Bristol, ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking, Meet and Greet, Bristol City Airport, Car Parking
Testimonial for ASAP Airport Parking Bristol
The Meet and Greet service provided by ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking of Bristol takes all these things out of the equation. Think to of the costs involved. With the Meet and Greet service it can benefit you financially compared to the other parking alternatives at Bristol Airport.

The highly professional Meet and Greet service with ASAP Bristol Airport is tailored in such a way that it ensures you save money and time. This means the first part of your journey is done in the most relaxed way imaginable and leaves you feeling relaxed in mind knowing that your car is safe.

So if you’re going away soon and flying from Bristol Airport and need parking or would like to find out more then go to the contact page of the website for ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking of Bristol, who will help you with your enquiry.
Click on here to contact ASAP Airport Parking Bristol

The process of booking is very straightforward by selecting the dates from their online calendar and entering the relevant details. The good people at ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking of Bristol use PayPal, so your financial transactions are as safe as your car will be. Your order booking will be confirmed by email, as well as the payment you make with PayPal.

Airport parking, Bristol, ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking, Meet and Greet, Bristol City Airport, Car Parking
Happier holidays with ASAP Airport Parking Bristol

ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking of Bristol

Telephone: 0753 468 1995 or 0752 846 7962 24hrs a day


Bingham’s top tips for Meet and Greet Parking Services at Bristol Airport:

  • If you’re going to be away for longer than 22 days, then contact ASAP directly for a quote
  • If you want the service within the next 24hrs also contact them directly
  • If you need to cancel, then do so at least 24hrs before
  • Check for yourself the condition of your car before you drop it off
  • Ensure your vehicle is insured, has an MOT and a valid tax disc covering it for the duration
  • Make sure there is enough fuel in the car so it can be driven to the ASAP car park and back
  • Read the terms and conditions of ASAP Absolutely Secure Airport Parking of Bristol

 Happy flying,
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