Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Maximising Your Business Potential

Don’t leave it till after Christmas

Rather than saying to yourself as a business owner “I’ll leave it till after Christmas”, why not say to yourself “I can’t wait till after Christmas” because if I do it might be too late.

Look at the opportunities you could be missing out on…

Christmas holidays are fast approaching, and businesses will return to work in early January. Quite often January becomes a quiet month, as you have nothing in place to ignite it,  that rolls into February and you might say ”that’s alright, January and February are always quiet”. Is this right?

By this time all your net profit for those months has gone, possibly affecting your net profit for the whole year. You are forever trying to catch up. Think of the things you can do with that extra turnover, holidays, new vehicle, extras for the children or investment in the business. It can even set you up for a good year enabling your business to pick and choose your contracts (eg: tradesmen to pick and choose your jobs), maybe you don’t have to work at weekends or travel so far to a job.

As more and more people use the Internet to check out a business and reassure themselves, it is very wise to have a strong presence and to be found easily as competition is fierce. Your creditability and image increases all the time and it offers you the edge over a competitor who hasn’t got a website portfolio, and has to sell through word of mouth or flyers. The website means people can look at your business at any time and on any convenient device.

So go on make next year a smarter year, take control and don’t just wait and hope that business comes to you.

Call the professionals now and get your company website in place, before it’s too late    By Bath Business Web 

Friday, 21 November 2014

Appreciating the front pages of Google

How many of you understand the front page of Google’s search results?

There is a mighty battle going on between us Web Masters and Google’s algorithms. We try constantly to keep up with the changes that Google make and we at Bath Business Web have proved on hundreds of occasions how hard we work and how successful we are in understanding and following Google’s demands.

Businesses that value their front page searches have a much greater chance of being busy above their competition, like having a shop window bang in the middle of the high street. But unfortunately a lot of people who have their own website have never really monitored exactly how an existing or future client might have used their services. This is because a lot of businesses and services do not necessarily regard this as a priority or pay much attention to assess different questioning techniques or formations on how to monitor where or how that enquiry has come from.

One example we recently discovered was a company doing radio advertising, yet the potential customer on hearing the advert has gone straight to their phone to check out their website. Whilst browsing they discover the company also offers bi-fold doors as a service and therefore the value of the order has greatly increased. But when monitored the business thinks this enquiry has come only from the radio advertisement.

You can talk about your website, tell people about it on the phone but most importantly being on the front page of Google for your chosen search is by far the most valuable.

Gone are the days when people thought they could stuff key words into a website and it would work, Google very much frowns upon this. Search Engine Optimisation and a website built professionally by and has commonly been the source of thousands of pounds of generated new turn over and as we endeavour to pay close attention to Google’s algorithms, we should continue to do so. This in turn will help businesses that want to grow.

The above graph is from Google Analytics and demonstrates 2315 unique visitors in the last 30 days.

If you don’t want to get any new business from your website and just want to use it as a portfolio page, then “fine” leave it down the pages of Google. But if you really want to take it seriously, ensure that you are using a proven company like ourselves, as we have years of proving front page results for our clients and it is a major skill to be taken of utmost importance and the benefits are great.

So, in order to make sure your website is getting the full benefit call Bath Business Web now on 01225 920503 or visit

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Why it's good to have a professional website!

Professionalism and Values

“Pride is the recognition of the fact that you are your own highest value and like all man’s values it has to be earned” Ayn Rand 1905 1982

Values in business are as important as personal ones. You’ve worked hard to get your business to this level so when it comes to portraying your company through a website we highly recommend taking  it seriously!

The build of your website and the professionally designed look coupled with Search Engine Optimisation and functionality should go hand in hand. To maintain your image, goals and success you should be passing this side of the business over to the professionals.

Power of the Internet & experience

“85% of people say that mobile devices are a central part of everyday life”

Your business needs a quality website that can compete on Google’s front page and be responsive on all devices. People naturally look to the internet to legitimise a company and check out its credentials. 

At  and we have many years of producing professional websites with hundreds of proven front page results, which in turn has helped our clients improve their turnover and net profit. With experience in ever changing algorithms, social media, search terms, coding, and functioning navigation and many other expertise. There is a major skill in understanding each service of your business targeting the pages of your website to support those services into the search engines.

Google will penalise your website if it is stuffed with key words.

When looking to have a website built for the first time please ensure you ask these questions to your possible web master…..

- Do you build websites for a living?
- Are you a registered business?
- What qualifications do you have? 
- How many years of experience do you have?
- What proven customers have you worked for before?
- What success have you achieved through SEO results? 
- What support and back up can you offer?
- How much training do you offer on social media?
- Can I update it myself?
- What is the security of the server it will be hosted on?
- Do you own your own server?
- Can you help with copy or logo design?

This explains why we stress adamantly that you should take your website as a serious part of your business because like anything in life “your first impression is a lasting impression”.

Recommendation and word of mouth are great, but are you getting the quality customer that means you work smarter not harder, ensuring your net profit is higher each year growing your business. We’ve all heard of the phrase “busy fool” we must have all had a day/week where we have said this to ourselves.

The power of people seeing a professional website helps you to ensure and strengthen your position in your market place, once again people feel more comfortable in using you. Trust in your services grows when they can relate to more about your business, ie pictures of previous projects undertaken, testimonials, office address, time in business and any special services you offer. All information which can be found in their own time at the touch of a button, making your business far more professional and creditable.

Make sure you call us on 01225 920503 or visit  to ensure your company website has that professional look and success.

Thank you

Friday, 7 November 2014

Discover the Fascinating World of Hypnosis in Bath and what Hypnotherapy in Bath can do for you...

Ever seen a Hypnotist on the TV? Are you one of those people who believes the person under hypnosis is totally under the power of the hypnotist, with no will of their own?

Well there are two sides to hypnosis. Stage hypnosis (the hypnotist) who uses hypnosis for entertainment purposes and the Therapist, he who utilises hypnosis for helping people (the hypnotherapist).  There is a big difference between the two. So I hope this helps with any myths or misunderstanding for those of you considering the positive use of hypnosis. This positive use of hypnosis can be used to alleviate a habit, change a behaviour or help you with an unwanted reaction to a situation or event.

Many hypnotherapists think badly of the stage hypnotist as one who makes a mockery of what is a therapeutic tool. Some believe this has a negative impact on the good name of hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is big business. Stage hypnotists can potentially earn a great deal of money using this technique to embarrass or ridicule their audience.
Anyone can be a Hypnotist

Becoming a stage hypnotist is easy. You don’t need formal qualification and all you need to know is very accessible, so to learn the techniques involved is a simple and fast process. There is no regulated body or society’s governing the way these professionals practice. Hypnotherapy on the other hand has regulations set out by professional bodies, societies and groups specifically developed for the enhancement of good practice as well as moral and ethical considerations.

Naturally, the secrets of certain techniques to stage hypnosis have been closely guarded over the years. Magicians, eager to enhance their persuasive powers, welcomed the public’s wonderment at their mesmeric gaze! Little do the public know that the hypnotist is not special, as they possess no secret powers.

What stage hypnosis does do however, is demonstrate the power of hypnosis. It is often able to do this in a way which hypnotherapy cannot, due to the very nature of a stage performance. The main aim for any stage hypnotist is to get the participant into a hypnotic trance.

In a the therapeutic environment, a client comes to the practice and the therapist has to deal with whatever issue they present. If the client is not particularly responsive or resists entering trance, then the therapy will be a little less effective. On stage however, a hypnotist can choose from an entire audience of would be, up for a laugh, entertainers. Everyone knows what happens and any budding volunteer is wanting their fifteen minutes of fame, albeit sometimes a humiliating one. The stage hypnotist becomes adapt at recognising those who are suggestible at going into trance and are able to do so very quickly. Not everyone will be as suggestible as the hypnotist would need.
The Hypnotherapist uses Hypnosis to help
When asking for volunteers they inevitably have too many. This gives the hypnotist the opportunity to whittle the group down to those that not only respond well to hypnosis, but are also natural exhibitionists. Stage hypnosis is very simple to perform; it requires no special skill and anybody can do it. As a stage hypnotist, they are an entertainer; hypnosis is just a tool and the volunteer from the audience just a prop to get the end result.

Hypnotherapists remember, use the power of hypnosis, only for positive and helpful reasons
Do you have in mind to give up smoking, lose weight or end a lifelong habit, such as nail-biting or thumb sucking? Do you suffer from social anxiety, difficulty speaking in groups? Are you often in a high stress situation or have felt very stressed recently? Is it therefore time to make some changes to your life and get yourself ready for a more positive New Year in 2015?

Recently I spoke again with Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Parent Coach and Personal Development Coach Tim Langhorn, to discover more about the fascinating world of hypnosis in Bath

Did you know it was a Scottish Doctor, James Braid (1795 – 1860) who came up with the phenomenon that we now know as 'hypnosis'?
Look into my eyes....
James Braid discovered that he too could produce a trance like, hypnotic state. He often used a bright object in front of the eyes, which became strained and closed spontaneously. He then discovered that suggestions alone achieved the same thing.

So the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy has been around a very long time. The use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy utilises the hypnotic state for positive goals, yet many people remain sceptical to its benefits and surround it with mysticism and myth.

This is possibly due to the hypnotist we see on stage or on the telly. Many hypnotherapists shun stage hypnotists as making a mockery of what is a therapeutic tool.  They believe it has a negative impact on the good name of hypnotherapy. So why not find out more by visiting the facts about what to expect when you go to see Tim Langhorn, Hypnotherapist.

Stage hypnosis however is big business and a stage hypnotist can potentially earn a great deal of money. The skills required to induce a hypnotic trance are easily accessible and there is no formal regulated body to oversee any unscrupulous performers.
Stage hypnosis does however often demonstrate the power of hypnosis. It is able to do this more so than hypnotherapy, due to the very nature of a stage performance. The main aim for a stage hypnotist is to put get the participant into a hypnotic trance, to then create an amusing or embarrassing situation for the person to endue. Everyone there knows what happens and any volunteer is automatically game for a laugh, wanting their fifteen minutes of fame, albeit sometimes a humiliating one.

There are two things which the hypnotist and hypnotherapist have in common. They both use hypnosis to relax people and shut down consciously aware barriers which ordinarily would get in the way. And they also need 'willing participants' who are open to the experience and have little in the way of conscious resistance. Saying that, there is a very big difference between these two professions. The hypnotist is there purely for entertainment purposes, whereby the hypnotherapist utilises hypnosis to aid the therapeutic process and uses the power of hypnosis, only for positive and helpful reasons.
I have been very fortunate to meet Hypnotherapist Tim Langhorn for the second time at his Hypnotherapy practice in  Bath. Tim is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Bath who has been working with people of all ages therapeutically for over 30 years.
Tim is a skilled and experienced Hypnotherapist trained by the internationally renowned London College of Clinical Hypnosis LCCH.
So I asked Tim Langhorn Hypnotherapist, what is hypnotherapy and what kind of issues or problems does it help?
"Well basically hypnotherapy is just therapy under hypnosis. Hypnosis is very much like being in a daydream. When we go into our imagination and daydream we can focus all our attention to do this, to such an extent we can lose ourselves briefly to what is going on around us.
We are usually pretty relaxed when doing so and can conjure up all types of images or thoughts in our mind. Hypnosis is very similar. And like a daydream we can come out of it whenever we want.

The hypnotic state or trance, is a natural phenomenon. It is known as 'an altered state of consciousness'.
It is also similar to when you focus your mind to read a book or daydream to the exclusion of all else, while the rest of world carries on in the distance.
For that moment distancing yourself from conscious reality. That’s a hypnotic state or ‘trance’. As natural as breathing.

Hypnosis is just like being in a daydream

Hypnotherapy exploits that calm, relaxed and focussed state to bring about positive change. The use of imagery, metaphors, suggestion, affirmations and therapeutic techniques can retrain the unconscious part of your mind to make changes you desire.

Your unconscious mind always has a positive intent to protect. That's it's job. For example, over time you may have convinced it that there is a particular object or animal that you fear.
After a while your unconscious programmes this in to create an automatic trigger to alert you to the danger. It then prepares you for the 'flight or fight' response which protects you from harm. Other times you may programme it to repeat something over and over again.
The unconscious mind complies and you eventually land up with a habit. Hypnotherapy can help reverse this way of thinking. Whether it's quitting smoking or working on weight control.
Hypnotherapy is also well suited for people with anxiety, panic attacks or phobias.

Because you have programmed it in the first place to fear birds, spiders, heights, flying or have the habit of smoking, over eating, thumb sucking etc. You can use hypnotherapy to reprogram it to not do those things. What makes hypnotherapy work so well is that in this dream like state, you have little conscious interference. Therefore, nothing to stop the new positive suggestions from being accepted by your unconscious mind.

The use of hypnotherapy with children in Bath is particularly very successful because their minds are very creative and receptive to the positive suggestions. They swiftly come up with solutions to problems they are experiencing and find the solutions naturally from within themselves.
I use a light state of hypnosis, where the child will go into a ‘day dreamy' state. Children experience this kind of state many times a day quite naturally; when they are waking from sleep or falling asleep, or just becoming absorbed in thought or in imaginative play.
Children's Hypnotherapy Bath
I have been working professionally with young people since 1982, so I know it is very important that both child and parent can feel comfortable, confident and at ease with me the therapist.
Parents stay in the room so a child feels more at ease in a  session. Parents can then see for themselves that the process of hypnotherapy is relaxed, gentle, safe and positive. Children respond well to hypnotherapy."

Contact Tim today and the initial consultation is yours
absolutely free if you decide it’s not for you  

01225 317 813

Tim’s combined wealth experience and knowledge of Hypnotherapy and related therapies has meant he has encountered a whole spectrum of issues with people of differing ages and diverse backgrounds.

All this as well having an excellent insight and an unconditional positive regard for the issues people bring enable Tim to get to the heart of any symptom, habit or behaviour.

Tim Langhorn's professional, calm and non-judgemental approach enables people to explore  these issues in a safe, secure and confidential environment.
London College of Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnotherapists remember have regulated bodies, societies and groups specifically developed for the enhancement of good practice as well as moral and ethical considerations.

A hypnotherapist such as Tim is signed up to these professional practices and is accountable to these bodies.
British Society for Clinical Hypnosis

It is with that in mind and having met Tim that I for one would trust him to help me with any issue or condition which I feel needs his very specialised training.

Tim is a registered professional with the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis

So why not make a new start. A New Year resolution for 2015, to lose some weight, quit smoking or finally deal with that fear or phobia. You may suffer from anxiety or a performance related fear.

You may have difficulties speaking at presentations or in large groups. A social anxiety or panic attacks may be preventing you from fulfilling your potential. Well not any more. Help is at hand so you can help yourself so long as you have the desire for change.

Wishing you all a very happy hypnotic experience.

All the best,
Blogger for Bath Business Web Ltd
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Monday, 4 August 2014

Online v's Offline Advertising and Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses in South West England

Business in the South West of England and Companies throughout the region need to market and advertise their products or services to the appropriate target audience

Companies advertise in order to inform, persuade, remind or raise brand awareness or brand loyalty. The aim of such advertising is of course to increase sales and thereby increase revenue and profits.

In doing so businesses in the South West will have many questions which need to be answered in relation to their advertising and marketing needs. Such as:

Q: How can we effectively and efficiently target our adverts to reach our desired target market?

Q: What form of advertising should we use to maximise the potential of reaching that target market in a way that is minimising the cost to do so?
Businesses in the South West
Online advertising (websites, pay per click, static ads) and offline advertising (newspapers, paper directories, radio, and television) all serve those same broad advertising goals.

The thing to remember is that each medium of advertising has its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

As a business you need to decide which medium is most suited to the needs of your company.

Some offline advertising is either not appropriate or out of reach of many small or medium sized businesses in the South West.

Such mediums such as television or radio advertising can be expensive. Newspaper advertising in some cases can be outdated or inappropriate for that type of product or service.

There may well still be a need for paper directories, but they too have been affected by the many changes and the tide of progress through many new advertising choices there are. Particularly with the increase demand for all types of internet marketing and advertising which can be accessed efficiently and effectively by consumers and businesses’ alike.

The medium of offline advertising does have its place. The question to as yourself; Does it serve our company or business well or could we do it better elsewhere? Such as the internet?

Well here at Bath Business Web we meet company directors and business owners from the many towns and villages all over the South West on a daily basis.
Bath Business Web Ltd
Whether based in Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire, Somerset or Gloucestershire we help them get the most from their advertising and marketing.

At Bath Business Web we recognise the need for small and medium businesses to consider how they market and advertise online.

This may mean building a professional and purpose built website to advertise or market your product or service.

It may mean advertising the whereabouts of the business on Google Places. Create an advertising campaign based round pay per click, ad-words or utilising advertising space on social media sites.

But what of other forms of advertising?

Well television and radio is often out of reach for many small and medium businesses’. It may not even be appropriate and could flood a business or send advertisements to far flung parts of the South West which have no relevance if you’re a local window cleaner in Chippenham.

The decline of newspapers has been prominent in the news for a number of years and the internet has contributed directly or indirectly to the closure of a number worldwide. It is true that a number have successfully transferred part of their industry online and do have space to advertise and market local business.

There are other forms of paper advertising such as the local or national phone or business directories. Editorials or adverts in local magazines. Flyers, posters or Billboard advertising.

Well I guess they all have their place. So what you need to do is get to grips with how they will work for you.

Find me a person of the modern age who doesn’t think that a business should have a profile of one sort or another on the internet, because to think that way will not help grow your business
A Website or Online Marketing Presence for your Business

The advertising you choose does not have to complicated or over the top. The local electrician who runs round town in his white van and is too busy keeping his business afloat to be able to walk the streets with leaflets or flyers. The car valeting service who wants an automated service to book people in or the hairdresser who wants to show off all the latest styles and trends to their customers can do so easily and cost effectively online.

At Bath Business Web we believe that both online and offline advertising will remain robust in the foreseeable future. Offline advertising is very diverse using media such as illuminated poster boards, direct mail, promotional literature, magazine reviews, flags, stands and banners at business fairs, and because of that will help it continue to be a source of necessary and useful marketing.

But remember not all these mediums will be relevant or suitable for your business
Online Search Engines
To an extent the nature of your business will determine the nature of the advertising and marketing you prescribe to.
Many offline advertising mediums rely on the fact that potential customers will be in the right place at the right time to happen to see, read or hear their advert.

The only difference to this is when a potential customer goes looking for a company or business.
That's where the internet comes into its own.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing allow the customer to do this with ease and speed.

This is where 'once upon a time, long long ago' the paper directory had come into its own and had been of such great importance since its conception. Well until now that is.

Did you know that the very first telephone directory in the UK was published in 1880?

It was published by The Telephone Company and it was made of cardboard. It contained 248 names and addresses and individuals and businesses jn London. At that time telephone numbers were not included as subscribers were always asked for by name when they got through to the local exchange.
Over 134 years of Business Directories
Following that publication the Post Office Telecommunication, a division of the GPO (General Post Office), launched the very first Yellow Pages in 1966 in Brighton and Sussex.

By 1973 the Yellow Pages was rolled out throughout the rest of the UK.

The offline paper directory has been with us 134 years. It stared off very small and grew very sizeable indeed.

So big in fact that there were competitions to see who could tear one in half with their bear hands. Eventually this sad pastime was left to the few strong men capable of such a feat.

However, since those days and in particular the conception of the internet offline paper directories have been losing their grip on the ‘look up a business’ market for everyday people of the modern age.

No doubt there are people out there who still prefer to look up there local pet shop by going into the Yellow Pages or Thompson paper directory. They may well be the same people who play gramophone records, only take the Morris Minor out at weekends or don’t have a mobile phone.

What the offline adverts don’t do or can’t do
  • Show an interactive map detailing the whereabouts of your business
  • Be able to pin point the exact location of your business in relation to a customer’s address
  • Calculate the distance from the customers address to your business
  • Send an email directly to your business account
  • Show page after page of the products, services and resources which you have in your business
  • Allow the customer to link immediately and directly to another associated business or association
  • Go into detail regarding the history and makeup of the business you have created
  • Allow the customer to swiftly and easily find the exact business they need with 2 or 3 key words
Reasons why small and medium businesses in the South West should develop or strengthen an online presence - online marketing v. offline marketing

It is clear that the internet is having a significant impact on how we behave as customers. The way we do business over the internet or the way we shop online. The need to get in touch with business or other consumers through social media.

It has dramatically altered the way we think when searching for a business or the expectations we have for each and every business to be online so we can see what they are all about prior to any contact with them.

Here are 8 reasons to consider with online v's offline marketing:

1. Any company or business can compete on equal footings with its rivals regardless of how big or small they are.

2. Your business can advertise and market itself at very little cost online, compared with the equivalent type of advertising offline.

3. Unlike offline marketing you can see minute by minute or day by day how your online marketing is doing or achieving for you so you can change or adapt as necessary to improve results. There are many ways to analyse or measure the effectiveness and performance of your online marketing and advertising.

4. You can see immediately with online marketing how many potential customers are engaging with your marketing or advertising methods.

5. A website which is well maintained and with high quality content will add value to your business by providing lead generation and focus directly to your target audience.

6. Your business will be seen anywhere in the world from one marketing source. Imagine doing this with paper advertising and having to send adverts to all the newspapers of the world.

7. The latest offers, messages from your business or updates about the service you offer can be sent out at a touch of a button. No need for flyers that nobody reads or posters which cost more than the return you get from the business they attract.

8. Your customers and potential customers can engage with your business like never before. With online marketing you can encourage sales through discussion and readership. Not only can they read about your business on your website, but customers can talk to each other on social media or read the latest blog. There is so much more contact and potential contact which enables you to spread the word or let your customers do it for you.

At Bath Business Web we fly the flag for online marketing and advertising
However, we also recognise that offline strategies still have a place for certain businesses.
Internet Advertising
Though we have conveniently divided marketing methods between online and offline, at the end of the day you need to decide what is more like to work for you and your business.
It is important to remember that successful companies constantly experiment with different ways to reach their target markets.
What works for you today may not be what you need for tomorrow.
Online advertising and marketing has been growing rapidly over the past ten to fifteen years.
Consumers use the internet more and more to carry out transactions and find the businesses they need.
This growth pattern of online usage by business and customers alike will continue, at least for the foreseeable future.
The rise of the internet has meant accessibility to markets never experienced before by local small and medium businesses.

This is your chance to make your business work in the modern age of online advertising and online marketing.

The world definitely is you advertising oyster.

The cost comparison between the internet and paper advertising has meant business has moved away from those more traditional ways
Now businesses in the South West of England have found more cost effective methods to advertise by focusing on the internet and online marketing.
All the best,                          
Blogger for Bath Business Web Ltd
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